Janette Kaye is a Psychic Medium and Spirit Artist, focused on helping people discover a greater awareness and sense of wholeness in their lives. She has worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years and holds a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University. Although she was raised in the Catholic tradition, Janette is interested in all spiritual paths, though the path of the mystic is most dear to her. She recognizes an underlying truth within mysticism that binds humans together in their search for the divine. Trained as an Evidential Medium, her professional work as an Intuitive Medium began in 2006, and she provides services in Spirit Portraiture and Intuitive Life Readings.

Though always fascinated by the metaphysical world and spirituality in general, Janette became passionate about being a Medium after her own experience of losing her mother. Her mother’s passing helped lead her towards exploring her own spiritual development, and having felt the touch of losing someone she was close to, she is able to bring empathy into her work. During her studies, Janette also discovered her unique and rare talent for Mediumistic Portraiture, the ability to sketch images of those in Spirit. She hopes her work will help others recognize the continuation of life after death and survival of consciousness that makes physical death less final.

Janette lives by the philosophy that there is so much more to life than meets the eye, and her goal, whether through connection to Spirit or via intuitive readings, is to guide other people along that path. By looking at cycles and patterns from a different perspective, many people can come to a greater sense of peace and wellness as they face life’s changes and challenges.

She begins each session by briefly describing how she works, and she makes every attempt to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Whether for an individual session, a group demonstration, a teaching workshop, or a presentation, Janette hopes to bring new ways of looking at things to people of all walks of life.


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