What is an evidential Medium?

Most of my training has consisted of embracing the philosophy that Mediumship should attempt to show survival of consciousness through objective evidence produced in the reading.  My intent during any reading is that the Spirit communicating will be able to impress me with several bits of evidence that relate uniquely to them.  For instance, a male who is Grandpa, who was in WWII, had a small dog he doted on, and died from cancer of the stomach begins to point very specifically to one person.  It should help the sitter getting the reading to know that really is their Grandpa and to make any other messages or information from him take on more relevance.  When the reading can be topped off with a Spirit Portrait of the one who has passed or another in Spirit who can be recognized it adds to the evidence.  It becomes particularly interesting when a Spirit is described and a sketch can be validated only after family research.  It certainly strengthens the theory that what is happening is indeed truly evidence of survival after death.

What is an Intuitive Life Reading?

During a Life Reading I receive psychic impressions and tap into your higher self.  These types of readings can be entertaining as well as extremely helpful in validating your experiences, but also in helping to get a bigger picture of what may be going on in your life.  I can project out into the future to see where decisions and choices you make today – whether personal, relationship, career, financial, or other –  could help you in your future.

When did you realize you could do this?

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, spirituality and religious and cultural studies.  I actually did my 8th grade science project on ESP (extra-sensory perception).  Interestingly enough my project showed that 1st graders were more psychic than their older counterparts.

My interest in alternative healing practices started in 1996.  As an Occupational Therapist I was able to focus my continuing education on training in practices that are considered more “alternative” such as Myofacial Release and Cranial Sacral Therapy.  These interests deepened as I recognized how closely emotions are connected with physical health and pain.  I was able to incorporate some of these more alternative types of treatment into my practice.

After the death of my mother in 2004 I took a Tarot class and began reading everything I could find about the topics I loved, particularly books that discussed the afterlife.  Through my Tarot class and subsequent psychic and mediumship development classes I discovered I had a natural inclination for picking up the working methods of psychics which are clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.  Because some of my first experiences were mediumistic (communication with someone who has passed) and could be validated by the person I was reading for (evidence-based Mediumship), I became naturally drawn to Mediumship as a way to demonstrate survival of consciousness.

Do you ever get scared?

No, I’m not scared.  I’ve never found the experience of communicating with the deceased to be scary though I understand that some people feel that way.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have my early Mediumistic moments be pleasant.  Through proper training one can learn how to be empowered in a spiritual sense and where to tread (and where to avoid).  I’ve made sure I’ve gotten the best training with trusted and experienced professionals.

Why should I get a reading from a Medium?

Many people I know are firm in their faith in the afterlife and do not feel that seeing a Medium is necessary.  It isn’t for everyone.  However many other people really appreciate the confirmation from another person that their loved one has survived physical death and is O.K.  Some people are just plain interested to see if afterlife communication is possible.  For many it confirms that love is a bond that cannot be broken and provides a sense of closure.

I’ve come to believe that I do this type of work as an aide to the Spirit world.  They seem to be grateful when word of their survival of physical death is passed on and they are able to reach out to those who are still here.

Why did you choose this work?

In my case there does seem to be some sense of a “calling” in what I’m doing.  When I first saw Spirit Portraits I just knew that was something I must do.  The work also suits my personality.  As I grew up through high school, college, and then in my Occupational Therapy practice I always reached a point where I knew what I needed to know in order to be successful and the learning curve lessened – and I would start to get bored.  With Mediumship, the development of a Medium never stops, the way information is received by the Medium varies from reading to reading and year to year.  I am constantly shifting my awareness and focus and learning new ways to get and interpret information.  I am perfecting my own way of working in an altered state of consciousness and I find it all so fascinating even as I’m experiencing it.

Mediumistic Portraiture is especially gratifying for me because as a child I wanted to be an “artist.”  Though I haven’t had formal training  as an artist, it feels in a way I’ve found a unique purpose that holds true to childhood dreams.