Intuitive Life Readings

Many of us have an interest in exploring our personal potential and future possibilities.  Intutive Life Readings are an enjoyable and insightful way to unearth the latent richness of your life. Janette uses Intuitive Life Readings to guide you towards gaining a greater perspective for making decisions in all areas of life. Most of these readings focus on daily situations, relationships, and life’s turning points, but may include past-life situations as well if that is of interest to the person receiving the reading. The goal is to help you leave the session with enhanced understanding of your own potential and abilities with guidance. You may ask questions during this type of reading. An audiofile of the reading can also be provided.

It is possible to combine types of readings – for example Janette can combine Spirit communication and Intuitive Life readings.

How to Prepare for a Reading

To prepare for an Intuitive Life Reading it is not necessary but you may find it helpful to think of some questions you would like answered prior to the reading time. You will most likely find that during the reading those questions will be answered.