Remote Healing

For deeper and more painful issues that can include emotional pain as well as physical discomfort, Janette provides remote facilitative sessions.  This is a personalized process focused on helping you use your own resources to heal.  Before Janette begins this process she offers a free consultation followed by a remote session.  During this session Janette blends many types of techniques including prayer, energetic and spiritual methods to help you not only feel better but to put your life on a better path. These sessions can be done for family and friends similar to praying for another person. This type of healing is not diagnostic and doesn’t take the place of medical or psychological care but could be used in conjunction with it.

How to Prepare for Healing

During our phone consultation time I will instruct you on what to do during the healing session.  You will most likely be asked to sit comfortably in a chair and do some breathing exercises for a 10-15 minute period.