Spirit Communication with Spirit Portraits

During a Spirit Communication Reading Janette will be working as an Evidential Medium and connect with those around who have passed into the Spirit world.  She will bring evidence of their lives as well as any pertinent messages she receives from them.  In addition she will sketch a portrait during the reading as you watch.  In some cases she will be inspired to make the sketch before the reading takes place.  Janette does not see the Spirit face as she is sketching – her drawings are more automatic in nature.

Janette was first fascinated by Spirit Portraits during her time studying in England in 2007 and is thrilled when Spirit is able to connect to their loved ones in this way.  Spirit Portraits, also known as Mediumistic Portraiture, are a type of Spirit Art and are considered highly evidential of survival of consciousness.  In most cases, the portrait will be completed in a couple of minutes while you observe and an audio file of the Spirit Communication reading will be provided to you. The primary goal of these readings is to prove the survival of consciousness. Although Janette cannot guarantee the portrait will be recognized, the majority of people recognize the portrait as someone who has passed into the Spirit World. Learn how to prepare for a reading.

Spirit Art Gallery

Below are examples of sketches drawn during a spirit communication reading.  Families send in the photo after the reading.

  • Maddie Graham

    Maddie Graham

    2000 to 2002
  • Sarah Jean Murray

    Sarah Jean Murray

    Passed away in 1990
  • Paul Gregory

    Paul Gregory

    1926 to 2009 "He lived a great life.”
  • Margaret


    1938 to 2009
  • Linda Louise (Zavacky) Young

    Linda Louise (Zavacky) Young

    1949 to 2007
  • Ken Moran

    Ken Moran

  • John Burns Sr.

    John Burns Sr.

    Passed away in 2011
  • Jean McKerns

    Jean McKerns

    Passed away in 1989 "She always joked she had special powers."
  • Harriett Hodges

    Harriett Hodges

    "I think a perfect likeness to the drawing you sent!!"
  • Gertrude Elizabeth (Snow) Zavacky

    Gertrude Elizabeth (Snow) Zavacky

    1931 to 1991
  • Garnett Leon Hill

    Garnett Leon Hill

    1933 to 2008
  • Dorothy (Wood) Flee

    Dorothy (Wood) Flee

  • Cheryl


    1957 to 2000
  • Charles Shaw

    Charles Shaw

  • Leland S.

    Leland S.

    1907 to 2005 "Family patriarch."

How to Prepare for a Reading

Come with an open mind. Answer “Yes” or “Maybe” if what you are hearing makes sense to you. If something does not make sense then it is ok to say so. Often times you will gain additional understanding when you listen to the audio file at a later time or after doing some research.  Spirit Communicators most often communicate about themselves and their relationship to you. They occasionally offer suggestions or advice, but most often simply let you know that they are ok. In some cases, they apologize or ask for forgiveness. Janette does her best to communicate exactly what she is receiving and not embellish the information.