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You Give Me Hope

“A few years back I commented on the black and white photo, pictured Grandma Stella and my Aunt Anna as a little girl with her doll. My cousin had it on her facebook page and it pulled at my strings immediately, and I loved it. You sketched Grandma Stella in that exact photo! I am not related to either of these women by blood. So the energy that drove your hand to sketch her was Divine! And so I thank you for what you do. What you are teaching me. You give me wisdom, hope and affirmation.”

You’ve Touched All of Us

“I want to thank you first of all for the wonderful feeling you enabled me to have when I left your place. I have quite a few friends that will be calling you. You’ve touched all of us.”

Unbearable Pain Vanished

“The unbearable pain that was in my right arm and elbow, had vanished! The pain in my left shoulder and arm came to a halt.  I was astonished.  I thought and thought, why and where is the pain, I even stood up. Then it came to me, that Janette did a healing on me. I sat down to email Janette and asked her if she had done the healing yet. Which I already knew that answer, I just needed to hear it from her. And yes, she did.  I was always be grateful for the healing and the relief of the pain that held me in one place and not getting past it.  I would recommend anyone to Janette.”

A Sense of Tranquility

“I have been in a better place lately, emotionally.  Thank you.  I am a lot more stronger now than I was in the beginning.  I am not constantly walking around with tears in my eyes or freaking out when I am taking care of him!!  I guess I feel a sense of tranquility! “

I Feel like a Different Person

“Thank you!  With the work that you have been doing, I actually feel like a different person.  I haven’t had nearly as many racing thoughts and I am more relaxed, maybe even at times more self-assured.  I’ve never felt like this and it is beautiful.  You are a dear.  Always  grateful.”

I Was Shocked and Amazed

“After we spent some time discussing my situation you asked if I wanted to hear from anyone in spirit… this is where things really got good.  I have never had a reading from a medium and wasn’t sure what to expect. Immediately you connected with my husband’s grandmother.  You gave me very precise and personal information so I knew it was her.  Next came a man that fit the description of a few people I knew.  You offered to draw a sketch to help clarify who was coming through.  You quickly sketched a drawing and when you turned it around to show me I was shocked and amazed-it was my father-in-law who had passed away only a few months before. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to know that he is still around in spirit and able to communicate through you.  You have an amazing gift and I hope many others are able to find comfort and validation with you readings and spirit art.”

Looking More Broadly

“I have learned to look at intuition in a more broad sense. There are many experiences that I have had which I had not recognized as intuitive/spiritual until talking more about it during your classes.”

You Have a Kind Spirit

“It was such a pleasure meeting you! You have such a warm and kind spirit. You have a spectacular gift and know how to work it so well. Thanks for the audio file, you sent it so quickly, I really appreciate that.  Although I am sure you are heavily sought after, be ready for referrals from me. Thank you for your time and all the assistance and guidance that you were and are able to provide.  It was a pleasure meeting you again!”

The Spirit World is Real

“Meeting you and coming to you for a reading was my first confirmation that the spirit world is real and tangible.  After the first reading I was hooked I wanted to know more, I was excited about life and its mysteries as though I were a child again.  I have had many experiences unlike any other in my life since I met you.  I can’t wait for your workshop.”

Wonderful Drawing

“Here is the Spirit Drawing you did a few weeks ago of my daughter Maddie.  I scanned a photo of her with your drawing.  I find the likeness to be very, very good.  And, I find the detail you drew of her right eye to be so fascinating as this is the eye in which she had a genetic anomaly called a coloboma.  Thank you for this wonderful drawing.”

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